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ProHoops Combine San Antonio, April 3, 2021

Testimonials and Pictures for ProHoops Free Agent Camp

Sylvia Crawley --- 6 Year Professional Playing Career and Current Assistant Coach at North Carolina-- "Linda, Thank you for continuing to provide opportunities for young women to pursue their dreams!!  And thank you for giving the staff a platform to give back & share our testimonies!" 

Larry Cowling---Father of Combine Participant Mikayla Cowling--"Thank you so much for putting on such a great event Linda. What an outstanding opportunity. We had a great time as a family and our daughter, Mikayla had a blast. Thank you for everything you do."

Matt Krejci--Sports Agent--"Linda, Thanks to you, Ed, and Jessie for putting on another great showcase.  I appreciate all of the hard work you all do to facilitate such an event.  Have a great year and I look forward to Tampa!"

Lin Dunn---Head Coach of the 2012 Champion Indiana Fever-- "Linda, you and Jessie did a super job!  I sure hope you both continue to do the ProHoops Camp at every Women's Final Four and include as many of the top seniors as possible." 

Alison Bales-2010--Center for the Atlanta Dream--"The ProHoops Camp is a unique opportunity for recent college graduates and other potential prospects to come together and compete in front of WNBA coaches and management.  After not playing basketball for a year, I needed an opportunity exactly like this to showcase my abilities.  The end result was I got a chance to play with the Atlanta Dream in their championship run last season!" 

Peter Kraker - 2017 - Father of Combine participant Mehryn Kraker - "Congratulations on a great camp. You have assembled a quality team of impressive and committed people. They were encouraging and yet pragmatic with the young girls who came out to try to keep their dreams alive.  I want to say again what a pleasure it was having Mehryn participate at your combine. I know that you are aware that Mehryn was taken in the WNBA draft, and I know that her time spent at the combine was so important for her in that process. Keep up the good work in helping kids realize their dreams.

May Kotsopoulos-2011--drafted by the Connecticut Sun--"I just wanted to thank you again for the experience.  I thought the ProHoops Camp showed me the caliber of athletes of players my age and how I match up against the senior talent.  It allowed me to showcase my skills as well as give me points on things I need to work on.  As well, having the opportunity to play in front of coaches and GM's provided me with experiences that will help me perform to the best of my ability when I am being evaluated again in the future"

Marques Webb - 2017 - "My name is Marqu'es Webb from Vanderbilt University, and I attended your combine yesterday on April 1st and I just wanted to express my gratitude for the chance you both gave me to showcase my skills. Thank you so much for the invite, I am so humbled and grateful for the opportunity. Honestly, I can not thank you enough."

Dellena Criner-2012- "I just wanted to take the time out and say thank you for hosting such a great camp.  The competition was amazing and the atmosphere was even better.  I appreciate the experienced coaches you had throughout the camp and the Q&A time during lunch.  I also wanted to inform you I received an invite to go to the Seattle Storms training camp.  I am excited and ready to continue to prove and show my skills.  I am definitely blessed and want to thank you for allowing me to present my skills at your camp." 

Mehryn Kraker - 2017 - "Thank you again for having me on Saturday!  I thoroughly enjoyed my time and your camp!  Thanks for helping me get my name out there."

Amy MacKenzie-2012- "Thank you so much Linda and Jessie for giving me the opportunity to come to your camp!! It was an amazing experience and was run very well.  I cannot describe the feeling of being in the presence of so many excellent players.  There are definitely no camps like this in Canada, that is for sure.  ProHoops was challenging, motivating and FUN.................Top notch camp, you ladies are affecting a lot of lives and decisions in a positive way."

Instructions at the start of camp

 Agents and coaches evaluate talent

  Combine in Action


*** - All pictures posted are courtesy of Bernell Hooker

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